• Isaacgman97

    Broken Bonds

    July 11, 2012 by Isaacgman97

    Broken Bonds.


    Rapture, a mystical Utopia existing beneath other worlds, but twice as prestigous as any above. Where the Ryan's idealogy is the only Bible, and where man is ruler and master of his own fate. But for how long?

    Came a figure known as Fontaine, bright and cunning, he stole Rapture from the rightfull owner, its people and made it his kingdom. His downfall was ironic to say the least; To be defeated by the son of Ryan, Andrew Ryan. Rapture, broken and defiled, now is left to its citizens no less damaged than the city.

    Sofia Lamb, a woman more dangerous, a woman who consumes peoples minds and individual thoughts, and regurgitates a Family. Her attempts at creating the first Utopian: to serve the society without question, to …

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