Hunter Daddie

Hunter Daddy on calm.

"Finally a utility for these horribles demons" - Terri Legrand

The Hunter Daddy, referred some times as Harpoon Dad, is the first Big Daddy to be created from a Splicer. He sometimes goes crazy and kill anything nearby (except for the Little Sisters). He has some Houdini Splicer abilities, such as teleporting and super-velocity.

Game DetailsEdit

The Hunter Daddy is a experiment of Terri Legrand, know by him as "the max inovation". But capturing Splicers is not a easy project, and sometimes Hunters are killed fast.

His life is 1500 normally and 3000 on Elite. The harpoon gives 150 damage when it isn't charged, but on charge he gives 220 damage. Elite Harpoon gives 450 damage all time.

Hunter Daddy is rare - you see just 20 (5 Elite type) in all BioShock: 17 Feet Under.